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I have decided to add a FAQ, as I seem to get questions and queries. If you have a question, let me know. I will address it!

Q1. Why are you doing this?

A1. I am looking for a project that is long term, diffucult, rewarding, fun, trying, and I can write about. Plus, I have read a lot about food (as I love food), and this seems just crazy enough to try it out.

Q2. How are you going to manage at Christmas/Camp/Wedding/etc?

A2. Like everyone else does, who has dietary restrictions. Also, this is a 16 month project. For the first 4 months, I am trying things, and failing almost on purpose. The first major event/holiday will be Thanksgiving. I fully expect to eat turkey – but I am going to try my best to control other things. If I can get around eating the meat, I will. Again, it is suppose to be diffucult!

Q3. I think this is great. I know of this great book/site/TV show/restaurant you should check out. Can I send it to you?

A3. YES PLEASE! I plan to write about everything, and if I need to post multiple times per day, I will. I will be happy to review.

Q4. I could never do this. How are you going to live without meat?

A4. Let me make this clear. I LOVE MEAT! Forget cow. I love pork, chicken, duck, anything from the ocean, rabbit, lamb, heck, I crave veal more than anything! I drink milk every day. I could eat a brick of cheese like people eat a bag of potato chips. I love animals, and I am all for animal rights. I will not be an activist. I am also not going Vegan all the way. Just in diet. See Q5.

Q5. So, you are going Vegan? What are you going to do about your clothes?

A5. I am going to wear my clothes. Again, this is a challenge for me. But I have no problem with the animal industry. I currently use animal products for clothing, furniture, and food. I am typing this FAQ from a leather couch. Love my leather jackets and boots, and the belt that I wear with my suit every day. I am not going to just throw that away and start over. Will I in 16 months? Only time will tell.

Q6. Great. Does that mean only veggies at camp/at your birthday/at Christmas?

A6. Not at all. I truly believe that a few ruin everything for everyone. See A4 above. When I prepare food in my home, I cook for my guests, not to my tastes. Anyone who has ever been to my home with any dietary restrictions knows this. So if I am having a barbecue next year, you can bet that if you are a carnivore, there will be meat – I just won’t be eating it…I don’t like when people impose their beliefs on me, so it would be pretty hypocritical for me to do the same for you. As for camp, the group I lead are all old enough to do their own shopping and cooking, so…

Q7. This is great. You should film it and turn it into a movie! Do you have a book in mind to write after?

A7. Right now, I am blogging about it. If you want to work with me as a publisher, or produce (ie- fund) a film project about my adventure, I will be happy to get paid and do this for a living! But as of right now, it is a project to do on the side.

Q8. I am reading your blog, and you are drinking milk/eating meat. I thought you were going Vegan. WTF?

A8. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon. If you are reading anything before Jan. 1/2011, then it is part of the process. I am going to eat Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the rest. I also am not going to waste the perfectly good food I have here. My freezer has meat and other goodies, which I want to use up before I make the switch. If it is after Jan 1, then chances are I failed, or cheated. Nobody says that I am perfect. See Q9

Q9. Hey, what are you talking about? This food is/is not Vegan (such as peanut butter).

A9. Again, I am not perfect. PB is a great example – I thought it had butter in it. It does not. It is perfectly acceptable food. If you read something that is wrong, let me know! I will be happy to correct myself. Not perfect, but trying my best!

Q10. Why are you having such trouble finding things to eat? Product X makes a great Y.

A11. Please see the food criteria tab on the main page. There is more to this than just me eating and drinking vegan. There is other dietary factors that come into play, that are not mine…

I will add more to this as more questions come in.

  1. Jessica permalink


    I just came across your food blog & adore it! I would love to promote some of your recipes through Four Green Our Community features a popular Vegan and Vegetarian recipe section, you can check it out here:

    Four Green Steps is a fairly new site, we recently launched the World’s largest Green Marketplace of exclusively eco-friendly products, as well as an extensive international Green School Program. Our site also features an Infozone of environmental news and a Community of blogs, green tips, videos and recipes!

    Let me know if you are interested. If you are I would simply copy the recipes from your site with a link back to your site. Also be sure to check us out on Twitter and Facebook if you use any of those sites.

    Warmest regards,


    • Sure, I have no problem with that. I just post what I make – but the recipes are not necessarily mine originally (sometimes a cookbook or whatever, that I alter to fit my needs).

      But yes, I have no problem with it!

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