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30 Days to go….

November 10, 2011

So a common question keeps coming up: “When are you going to be finished?”

That is an interesting question. A part of me believes that I will maintain this eating lifestyle in my home life. I really like the changes in diet, how I feel, how I look, etc. But realistically, I am not going to be Vegan for the rest of my life. It is just not me.

Don’t get me wrong – I do love animals, and I do get all the arguments as to why one should be Vegan, live a plant-based lifestyle, and all that good stuff. However, it has to be something that you believe in. For me, this has always been a challenge, to try to do something that seems so out in left field for someone like me.

I feel that I have done this. Also, I feel that being Vegan is no longer a challenge. Being Vegan in Europe? That would have been a great challenge. But at home? Not a challenge anymore. I came back, and immediately went back into Vegan mode. It was that simple. For me, this is not about a ‘better lifestyle’ or ‘for the animals’. It has been a purely selfish ‘can I do it’ thing. Yes, I did it, and it is no longer challenging.

So when should I end? Well technically, I could end right this second. But that does not seem like a great idea. Sure, going for a big meal right after work sounds awesome, but it is not realistic. Do I want to be very ill? No, I don’t.

I have decided that December 9th will be my final day of being Vegan. Why that day? A couple of reasons actually.

  1. It is 30 days away. Much like when I began, I believe that you must slide into and out of habits in life. Again, I am not trying to give up everything, but just not being Vegan today is not smart – I will then eat everything I see, undo all the good, and make myself sick. Dumb idea.
  2. Christmas. Like many people and their families, there is lots of Christmas tradition around food. I like food. But again, I want to enjoy my food. With that in mind, it is probably a good idea to slowly introduce foods into my diet (like the butters, sugars, and eggs) that will be involved in Christmas. Meat will be there as well, but I don’t foresee eating a massive turkey for Christmas. I also don’t foresee eating Tofurkey either…in any event, I cannot dive into it.
  3. Christmas Parties. This might be the biggest reason actually. I like others tend to go to parties at this upcoming time of year. With that in mind, I want to enjoy the parties, and the hard work that people put into their foods for the guests. That does not mean I am going to be a glutten, but at the same time, I have hosted a number of parties over the years myself. I know what it feels like to have a guest come to your home, and not be able to eat or drink anything you have. It makes you feel like a bad host. I don’t want that. I want to enjoy myself, and have people whom invite me to their homes enjoy my being there.
  4. Follows a Major Event. As readers know, I am involved with Scouts. Anyway, we are having a fundraiser dinner the weekend before. No, there will be nothing Vegan there for me to eat. Yes it will be a challenge – the last challenge. So I can get through the final challenge, and then call it a year.

So there you go.

It is weird actually – now that I have a date for it ending, I am both happy and sad about it. I have enjoyed this. I also like the knowledge that I can go hardcore if I ever need to in the future. I am also hoping that my cravings for bad foods will not come back like they were (fast food anyone?).

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