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World Vegan Day

November 1, 2011

November 1st is World Vegan Day! What do you know! Not surprising actually, as everyone seems to have a day for everything.  I honestly didn’t know that today existed. So let’s see what we can find out:

– According to Wikipedia, today is a day celebrated by Vegans around the world. It was established by Louise Walls in 1944 – as she was the head of the Vegan Society in the UK. Thus, today is the 67th birthday of Vegan! Happy birthday plant lovers!

– According to the Vegan Society, World Vegan Day marks the start of World Vegan Month every year, commemorating the coining of the term, ‘vegan’ and the founding of The Vegan Society in November 1944.

So there you go. November is also Vegan month, where we are suppose to live a healthier lifestyle. Something tells me that is not going to go over well in the USA, where it is Thanksgiving this month. But I will continue on my quest to not eat eggs or dairy, and still be a vegetarian (or Vegan in other words).

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