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September 30, 2011

Wow, where did September go? One second, I was eating at the Urban Eatery, and the next – the month is gone!

This month has been eventful, and busy. Thus the lack of blog posts. But lots has happened.

I had a wedding to attend. That one, I did pretty good at actually. There was more than enough of food that is Vegan-friendly. So that was good. I was a bit worried, as it was an Italian style wedding.

I also had some accidental cheese, which is a Vegan Fail. I know, but it wasn’t my fault (actually, it is always my fault). We went out for lunch with some family one day. We were at a restaurant that I had never been to. There was lots of vegetarian options. Also, they listed their menu ingredients out.

So I ordered a grilled portobello and pepper sandwich. The ingredients of everything was listed. Great, all Vegan. I order that.

It came, and then I ate it. About 1/2 way through, I notice something sticking out the side – and yeah, it is cheese. Funny that, I could not even taste the cheese. So out of site, out of mind, or something like that. But yeah, unfortunately I did eat cheese.

Other than that, it is staying the course.

Next month will be a slow blog month – I have some stuff going on, which won’t allow me to blog unfortunately. More details to follow. Also, it will be a camping month as well. Oh yeah, and Thanksgiving – I can’t wait to not eat turkey!

Happy Veganism everyone!

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