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Urban Eatery – Part 2

September 9, 2011

As I noted in my last post, I work at the Eaton Centre, and they opened their new Urban Eatery. That is the name of the massive new food court. Since it opened a week ago, I have had the chance to eat there a couple more times. Happily, it is not nearly as crazy as it was the first day. It is still busy, but not stupid busy.

First, I had the chance to revisit Urban Herbivore. Now, since that first day they have got smarter about how their lineups work. First of all, they have a person stationed right where the 2 separate lines meet. That person acts as a greeter, and directs traffic. Also, the lines are now labelled – one says it is for the salad bar – meaning you don’t wait in the salad line for a sandwich. Very smart.

I ordered the Mongolian Stew with Quinoa. I saw that lots of people were ordering this last time I was there. So I figured I would try it. It was delicious. The only problem was that I had to wait 10 minutes to be served. Apparently they ran out of hot Stew, so they were heating a new batch, and that was the holdup. Now, this would be acceptable at say 2pm, after the lunch rush. But at 11:50am? Totally unacceptable! How do you run low on supplies leading into the Rush?

Now, I am sure that in Kensington market, people are not in as much of a rush for good food (and believe me, it is great). But in an environment that caters to business people, you have a set amount of time, and if you can’t serve people quickly, they will go other places. It is one thing to wait for a sandwich being grilled. It is another thing entirely when your ready made food is not ready….

Anyway, here is the stew – Highly Recommend!

The other place I ate was at Mucho Burrito. I was looking for something quick and easy, that was not Urban Herbivore (I have to try as many places as possible). Also, I really wanted to try the Indian place, but they sold out of everything. That seems to be a common problem. Anyway, I got a bean burrito.


It was decent. Not an everyday food, but it was good nonetheless.

Anyway, final point – I know it sounds like I am being harsh on Urban Herbivore. In a way, I am. I am enjoying being Vegan, but it is not easy. I really want this place to be successful. I have worked corporate for over a decade now, and I have seen many places go under not because of the food. So I really want them to run like a proper fast food lunch place should run.

Here is an example – today I went with a coworker to NY Fries – there were people waiting in line, complaining. They did not have enough fries, and people were visibly upset about that. About waiting 3 minutes for fries. That is the way it is. The better the food, the longer one will wait, but currently they take too long. I am hoping it gets fixed soon…

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