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Happy Vegan-versary! 4 months to go!

September 3, 2011

Let’s celebrate! For it was 1 year ago that I published my first post on this crazy idea. Yes, it was Labour Day weekend 2010, that I first decided that I was going to go on a 16 month adventure, and be Vegan for a year. It was at that time that I went shopping, and tried to buy food. It was at that time I went to my first party, and saw what I could and could not eat.

And now, it is almost over. The summer is now over. I made it through August. I realize that my posts have been few and far between, but that is to be expected in the summer.

Health-wise, I am still doing great. I picked up a cold however, which is the first time I have been sick in over a year. A cough that won’t go way either, which is annoying, but generally happens once a year (except last year). I know that a summer bug was going around, so I am hoping that I just caught it.

As for body, I still feel good. I am still hovering between 165 and 170 lbs. Sadly, I have got lazy over the past month, and stopped working out. It is summer. I am too busy enjoying food and alcohol and the summer. But now that it is September, it is time to get back on the routine. Back to the workout regiment.

September should be another good month for me. Just cruising along, making my way to the goal.

Also at this time, I have been thinking a lot of what happens come Jan 1, 2012. Will I stay Vegan? I know the joke I have made is that I am hitting up the Keg, for a nice Filet Mignon. Nothing like beef and bacon all at once! But after that, what then? Do I continue this? I mean, there are a lot of positives (mostly, that I feel and look amazing). But the problem ultimately is that when I am at other events, or visiting people, I become that guy, who can’t eat anything. That is a pain.

So I think right now, that come next year, I was maintain veganism at home for about 95% of the time. I don’t miss things like eggs and milk and butter. Occasionally, I think meat will be consumed (when guests are over – I am a believer in catering to your guests – also, my wife is not Vegan at all). When I am out, I think I will try my best, and whatever happens, happens.

Onto the final stretch!

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