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Urban herbivore – at the Urban Eatery

September 1, 2011

Confession time – this is my first post using the iPhone WordPress App. Meaning if something is off, that is why.

Also this is my second attempt to do this. I lost the initial post.

Anyway, today the Toronto Eaton Centre opened their $48 million food court. It is quite nice actually. But this post is not about architecture. It is about me vs. Veganism.

Urban Herbivore. A local eatery that is vegan. They have a spot in the new food court. So naturally i had to check it out. Below is a placeholder for a photo as i am having uploading issues…(EDIT – photo added)

The first thing i noticed is that there is a line for a queue and yet people just wqlk up and order. Wait- is this an Italian airport? What the heck is that???

Anyway i decide to order a salad cone. I am informed that they don’t have them. Even though it is on their menu and they have been open for an hour. Poor planning!!!

So i order a tomato and avocado sandwich. I pay and I wait. And I wait. And I wait. I discover that since they have a corner booth, they have two cash registers set up. One prep area. So apparently someone else came to the other cash and ordered the same thing as me and was immediately given my sandwich. Frustrating!

I finally got fed and it was good. I sure hope it was a case of opening day craziness. Or else the good sandwich placeheld below won’t last…(EDIT – photo added)

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