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Lea Michele and Vegan Lasagna

August 23, 2011

For those who don’t know, Lea Michele is Rachel Berry on Glee. This girl:

Anyway, I had an article sent to me the other day, that says she is hungry for vegan lasagna. Here is the article:

Now, when Glee first came out, I was a fan. It was funny, and something different. I know the criticisms that people have of it, but whatever. Over the second season, I have slowly stopped caring about the show, and am now out. But that being said, I do know who the actors are, so when an article comes up, I have to check it out.

The jist of the article is that she has been vegan for a few years, and misses foods. I get that. I miss foods all the time.

Then came the part of the article that I love, and then hate – the same paragraph says that being Vegan has given her lots of energy (which is true). But she misses Lasagna. So her Mom taught her to use Soy and Tofu to sub the meat and cheese.

She then goes on to say she has fake eggs with fake cheese for breakfast. Anyone who reads my blog knows my feelings on faking foods.

If Lea Michele ever googles her name, and comes across this blog, I have a suggestion for you when it comes to Vegan Lasagna – try this one – you won’t miss the meat or the cheese!

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