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The hardest purchase I have had to make…

July 8, 2011

Yep, that is salmon. And talk about diffucult! Let me explain…

This weekend, we are having company over. The company has their own eating habits, and dietary restrictions. Meaning that essentially I will be making 2 different meals – or rather enough different foods to adequately feed both my guests, and myself. It was decided that since the weather is going to be amazing this weekend, I would do the cedar plank on the BBQ, and do up the salmon proper.

Now, I have had guests over for dinner throughout this ordeal. I have made ribs, burgers, other types of fish, BBQ, in the oven, lasagna, desserts, pizza, etc. All without any real problems. I have also travelled, and camped (and watched bacon by the pound be consumed). No worries.

But today, the fish counter was deadly. Everything there was tempting. I just wanted to eat everything. It took all my will to not order additional fish. Trout was on sale – and looked amazing!

But I stayed true. As hard as it was.

Now the key will be the cooking of the fish tomorrow…

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