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Vegan Poutine???

July 2, 2011

Yesterday was Canada Day. As part of the festivities, I was at a friends’ place for a BBQ (Vegan Burgers for me).

As a part of the celebrations, I became closer friends with Heineken, another Vegan friendly beverage. Anyway, after many adult liabations, someone (re: me) thought it was a great idea to go get food. It has been a long time since I did the whole ‘I am drunk, I need food’ disaster.

So as a few of us were going out on Queen West for the evening, we decided to make the trek on the advice (re: me) of one of our party goers.

I have been following Poutini’s on Twitter for some time now, because they have a Vegan Poutini. Many people who follow the blog (whether or not they are Vegan), and people that I follow have eaten there, rave about it, and then I read about it in 140 character posts.

Last night was the night. And oh man, was it worth it. Om nom nom indeed!

Okay, the actual product. For those that don’t know, Poutine is a Canadian insanity, consisting of French Fries, Cheese Curds and Gravy. There are many variations on it, but this is essentially what it is. Many places rely on the fatty curds to cover up for crap gravy, or just okay fries. Or they add a bunch of things (like bacon) to cover up for an inferior product.

The Vegan version is Vegan Gravy (meaning not made from meat), and Daiya ‘Cheese’. I have written about Daiya in the past. You know me, I am not a fan of substitutions. If I want Cheese, I will eat Cheese. Not fake cheese.

I ate this creation. I enjoyed it immensly. However, in future, I will not bother with the Daiya, as I don’t really like it.

The gravy, as expected without meat product, is pretty runny, but pretty tasty. I added ketchup to it, to thicken it up. But all things considering – it was a tasty topping – I would get it again.

But the real key is the fries. The fries at Poutini’s are great! Really great! And that is the key to a poutine to me – the fries have to be great. If they fries are great, then the cheese are gravy are the toppings. It is like a pizza – if the dough and sauce are great, who cares what it is on it – but if the pizza is like cardboard, no matter what you put on it (even bacon), it tastes like cardboard!

So yeah, there is my review – Poutini’s is definitely worth the trek, and hey, it is Vegan! Score!


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