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Being Vegan is a pain in the @$$

June 22, 2011

Hey all,

Quick rant here – being Vegan is a pain. Let me explain.

I am coming home from a quick family vacation. 4 of us went. Now, if you are reading this, you know all about my restrictions, both Vegan and not. Well, one of our other patrons also has some dietary restrictions. Not to get into it, but basically the main staple that he can eat is meat. Yup, meat.

Naturally, we need to find somewhere that we both can co-exist, and eat. So we decide to eat at a lot of pubs – pubs generally have salads, and vegetarian options. By doing things like saying “can I get the veggie burger, no bun, no cheese”, I should be fine. I know my alcohols, so I can drink around Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and be good.

A typical conversation:

Frank: I would like to order the veggie wrap, no cheese.

Waitress: No problem.

A few minutes later, the waitress returns with my food, and says “veggie wrap, no cheese”. Frank takes the wrap, takes a bite, and yup, there is cheese. So I send it back, and wait for food.


We sit down, and I decide that there is a great thing on the menu, like a baked veggie thing, where it is baked in the oven, and then has crumbled cheese put on top before serving. So I order it, and they say ‘sorry, we are out of that’.

I honestly feel for people who have alergies, or real digestive problems. I know how you live with it, but what a pain in the @$$. I understand all the planning, and checking menus, and asking questions, and all that other stuff that goes on. But simple things like the kitchen staff screwing up an order, and the waitress not checking it, or being sold out of a product during the lunch hour is really frustrating.

For that, I say that Being Vegan is a Pain in the @$$!

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