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Month In Review – May

May 31, 2011

It is such a beautiful day today, the sort of day where I want to sit on the patio (which I did), eat delicious food (which I did), and have a drink or 3 (nope, it is a school night!). It is also the time where I would like to write about all my exciting adventures in Veganism.

  • Been to new restaurants? Check.
  • Been at non-Vegan outings? Check.
  • Tried new products and are ready to write about them? Check.
  • Been on vacation, and had to battle the Vegan Gods? Check.
  • VeganFail? Yep, did that too.

But the weather is too nice out, to make me concentrate on a proper blog. So I will do my month in review.

Month 5 is now complete. I am so close to the 1/2 way point of this journey, I can taste it.

May was an interesting month. Mostly because for half of it, I was not around. First, I was in Montreal for a work conference. That was quite successful actually, thanks to some planning on my part, and the awesome work of our event coordinator, who went way beyond her duties to ensure I could eat. I cannot thank her enough (and constantly do whenever I get the chance – also, she does check out the blog, so this is me thanking her again!)

The other interesting things was Las Vegas. Did I mention that? Yeah, I was in Vegas for 4 days. Las Vegas, a notoriously Anti-Vegan sort of city. That was very challenging, and I did manage to break Vegan, but held the Vegetarian line pretty solid. I will have a write up about that soon.

Weight was, I still hover around 165lbs, which is decent. It is the lowest I ever want to me. I am still working out on a regular basis. Maybe not all 6 times a week, but a good 4 workouts per week is where I am holding. Weekends are tough, as there is so much otherwise going on. I did manage to work out while away from home though. So I am proud of that.

Health wise, I feel pretty good actually. But we will see what the doctor says – for in June I have a full physical scheduled, complete with blood work. I will be getting my iron and b checked, along with everything else. Based on the recommendation, this adventure may end in June, if my health is deteriorating. Hopefully not, as I am really trying to be good. I eat lots of super-protein foods, limit my grains, eat fruits and veggies every day, and get my exercise in. I am really happy with how my body looks right now, so hopefully the insides are as happy as I am with the outsides.

I also apparently look way younger now. I ran into an old friend a couple of weekends ago, and he hardly recognized me. People have been saying things like they missed me now that there is only 1/2 of me present. Nice. I was also feeling pretty good, and had no problems walking around in just my swimming trunks while in Vegas at the pool. So that is nice. The other cool thing is that I got carded everywhere in Vegas. Where I was there 3 years ago, that was never the case. I guess the nice body makes up for the receding hairline that has caught up with me…

I guess that is it! May was certainly an adventure. June will be interesting. I foresee lots of recipes (it is afterall BBQ season), plus a recap of my Vegas adventure (I am thinking the title will be Viva Las Vegan, or something like that), along with visits to the doctor and the naturopath.

Tally: Frank 3, Veganism 2. I am still winning!



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