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Le véganisme à Montréal, la troisième journée

May 12, 2011

Another day, another challenge.

After being out way too late last night, woke up very early this morning. Must work out, gym will cure what harm I have done to my body. Hit the gym, then back to bed for a nap (nothing like going for a nap at 6:40am…)

Got up again, got ready, and headed down to breakfast. This morning was  a hot breakfast, with bacon, sausage, and eggs. After having such a good evening the night before, nothing would be better than bacon. That being said, there was some home fries that were made – potato wedge style. Excellent! Greasy foods are my friends! Also, the hotel put aside a tray of melon and pineapple for me. Sweet.

Lunch – today’s lunch was the assortment of salads from yesterday, along with some sandwiches (fish and chicken), and a baked penne pasta. With lots of cheese. Apparently, the staff decided that today, Vegan means cheese is okay. They did correct it, and made me some vegan-friendly pasta and sauce. Looks like my no carbs left uneaten tour continues!!!

Oh, one exciting thing – for a snack during the meetings, instead of cookies there was regular potato chips (which are cool for vegan, but not for the foods I am suppose to eat), and a big ol bowl of mixed nuts! Lots of almonds and pecans and walnuts and hazelnuts!!! Enjoyed the heck out of those!

In the evening, there was a seated formal dinner. Salad, no problem. Then the next course was a phylio pastry wrap thing. Others have them with scallops and grilled veggies. Mine just was grilled veggies. Then the main course was steak and potatoes. My meal was vegan pasta with pesto (so nice to not have pasta and sauce AGAIN)! Then dessert, which I avoided – instead I have many Heineken instead!

Day three, in the books!

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