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Amy’s California Burger

May 1, 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I think that is the second really nice day we have had this spring. Which is good, summer is just around the corner. Also, yesterday was a home renovation day. Those who know us in the real world, know that our condo is always under construction. Rather, we have taken on some big projects, and take our time working on them. Well, yesterday was a day that we were going to finish up a major one.

Anyway, we decided to do it in stages – do half of it in the morning, then take a break around 2pm, and enjoy the nice weather. It was suppose to be the nicest around 3-5 yesterday, and it was. Sun was out, hardly any wind, not too hot, just perfect. Great weather to sit on the patio furniture, and relax. Also a great day to get the BBQ going.

Of course, what do I make? I have a freezer full of meat that would be great to BBQ, but I can’t eat that.

Then I remembered these guys:

Picked them up when at the Vegan Grocery Store in March. Mostly made of mushroom, bulgar wheat, and walnuts, they are one of the only Vegan burgers I have seen, that are not filled with soy. Sounds good to me. So I fired up the grill, made up some burgers to go with my vegan-friendly beer, and my book, while I relax out in the sun.

Obviously, BBQ the burgers, cook until done. Pretty simple. I have made veggie burgers for people in the past (and if this was a Veggie Blog, I would talk about these great rice-based burgers from Costco, that have cheese, no soy, and are very tasty).  Now, I am not suppose to have the wheat, or some other things in there, but oh man. Just look at this thing of beauty:

I had some buns in the freezer. A bit of Ketchup and Fig Mustard underneath, and Lettuce, Hot Peppers, and Pickles on top. Delicious! So good in fact, that I ate 3 of the 4 burgers! Normally, I would never eat 3 burgers, in any situation. To eat 3 of them, tells me that yeah, I was hungry from all the renovations, and they are delicious.

Meaning for the rest of the summer, anytime I am going to someone’s place for a BBQ, or having people over, I know what I am making for me, and likely for you as well – they are that good!

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