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Live on Chocolate

April 30, 2011

So today, I got a surprise when I got home. For Easter, since I cannot have chocolate, this care package from Live On Chocolate was ordered for me. Granted, that was last week. Still, getting chocolate that is Vegan is a great gift! In the package was a bunny with 3 egg truffles, and 2 ‘cheezecakes’.

I went to the site (, and they are organic and fair trade. Making products that are raw and vegan. Sounds good to me!

First the bunny. I have to be honest here – I was not overally impressed. It was good, but not the best thing I have ever had. It had the proper consistency of chocolate, but was bland. Not bitter in a dark chocolate sort of way, but not my favourite thing. Reminded me of the carob chips really. A good substitute, but not something I would go out of my way for.

The Eggs that came with it were ‘Caramel’, Ganache Infused with Blue-Green Algae Flakes, and Cream Egg. Now, before this began, I was a major fan of caramel. This unfortunately was not what I was hoping for. It was runny, and not very sweet at all. The chocolate was the same as the bunny. Pass. The Ganache was interesting. Same outer coating, but a darker, thicker chocolate-like substance in the middle. For a truffle, not too bad at all. I enjoyed that one, and would eat it again in the future.

The Cream Egg I was hesitant about. I guess it is based on the famous one by Cadbury. The uber-sweet one, that I detest. I really don’t like that one – it is too sweet, and the flavour bugs me. But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The Live on Foods one was much less sweet and thick than the Cadbury variety, and to me, it was way better. Fans of that popular version may disagree, but for those who don’t like that one, this is a nice alternative.

So in conclusion, with the right filling, the chocolate is good. Without, it is okay.

The Cheezecakes. Another product they make are these dessert cups. One was Chocolate Silk, and the other was Tiramisu. Notice the use of the word WAS…

The main ingredient is cashews, that are soaked and then turned into a cream-like substance. The same process was used on my sour cream I made in February. Anyway, let’s start with the Chocolate Silk. Made with Cacao, cashews, agave, almonds, coconut butter, walnuts, dates, and vanilla. Delicious. Like a dark chocolate mousse. I enjoyed this one a lot. Even though I am not the biggest fan of dark chocolate. Very yummy.

Tiramisu. Made with cacao, agave, coconut butter, cashews, walnuts, almonds, roasted espresso, and vanilla bean. Wow, now this is what I was hoping for. Something that would totally pop my taste buds, and make me want more when it is done. This is highly recommended, and something I will buy again. No question about it. So good!

There you have it – 6 products, one sweet shop website. There have other products as well, that I look forward to trying. They are also sold in various spots around Toronto – some stores and places I had not heard of – meaning new places to visit!

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