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April 30, 2011

Or 1/3 of the way through this adventure. It is the end of April. 4 months in. 1/3 of the year done.

April was an interesting month for sure. 2 of my 3 toughest challenges were faced this month – being camp and high holidays & family gatherings. April had both.

The camp was good as always, even though I could not eat the amazing food. It helps to have leaders that support your ridiculous adventures! The holidays were managable. A bit of planning on my part went a long way. The good thing about both instances was that I got to talk to people about my project. Always happy to share, and I thank everyone for reading!

I ate some neat foods, and tried some great recipes (including the Lasagna, which I cannot wait to make again in the future!)

I also learnt a bit, as posted in the Timmy’s post.

May will bring new challenges, as the weather gets nicer. People like to sit outside at the patio and eat and drink. This will no doubt cause me problems. I have been able to sneak by so far, maybe get a salad or some sort of bad food that is vegan. Kind of tough at a patio that serves brunch or burgers as their menu. At least I have the beer part nailed down…

Also, may will allow me to hit my biggest challenge of all – the 3rd of my fears when it comes to this food challenge. Regular readers, and people who know me in the real world (as in not just online) will know exactly what I am talking about…

To a May filled with Veganism…so far, the score is Frank 3, Veganism 1 (since technically I did not stay true in January, the first few days of the year…).

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