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OMG Good Friday!

April 25, 2011

Today is Good Friday. Good Friday is a different holiday for many different people. For many, it is a day of mourning, with the whole JC dying for your sins thing. For others, it is just a stat holiday. A 4 day work week.

For others still, it is simply a day off work. To hang out with friends, because it is a stat holiday, and everything is closed. If you can’t go out and shop, I guess you need to stay home.

For me, it is a crazy day. Why you ask? Because for me, it has traditionally been my favourite holiday of the year. That’s right, my favourite holiday of the year is Good Friday.

It is simple really – the food. I am not sure what or how the tradition got started, but in my family, Good Friday represents a bunch of my family getting together. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, everyone. Starting first thing in the morning, my father is in the basement cleaning fish. My mother is in the kitchen cooking, with aunts, or in more recent years, my brother. I am with my wife setting the tables, tidying up, and ultimately doing dishes at the end. We all have our jobs, for Good Friday at my parent’s place.

Dinner usually starts with pasta – as all good Italian gatherings do. Then comes the fish, and more fish, and more fish still. Along with other goodies.

Based on all of this, you can imagine my fear and horror at this daunting challenge. As I have said, one of my 3 biggest challenges will be the high holidays – and this one is one of my favourites.

Fortunately, I got away with Easter Sunday, since we had a family event to attend, and therefore I did not have to contend with the ham and scallop potatoes that my mother in law so expertly makes. Still, that is the icing on the cake of my Good Friday. I could talk about it, but photos make it oh so much more appealing:

Appetizer fish – not for me.

Olives. I ate lots of these.

Bread – the only thing more authentic at an Italian feast than pasta…

Focaccia – with olives and onions and other goodies – didn’t have any of this…

Celery and Fennel – it is important to clean the palette in between courses.

This is a traditional Sicilian dish – it is baked pasta, mixed with fish and cheese. Naturally, I did not eat that.

Instead, I ate homemade Spelt pasta with sauce.

Fish, delicious fish. Didn’t have any of this. Calamari and Scallops

Fried Artichokes – a delicacy in my home. Unfortunately, the batter is egg-based…

I had plain ones instead – good, but not as good…

Sardines – so delicious…so I hear…

More fish – baby octipi. Suppose to be very good, I could not say…


Bacala – also known as cod. One of the faves of this day.

COLD BEANS! As written about before – these were Mom’s beans, which were GREAT!

Big salad – always eaten last. Always Vegan

Tray of cookies – the big white ones are probably my favourite cookies of all time!

The dreaded Panetonne. So glad this is not Vegan…you could not pay me to eat it…

Fruit. Obviously Vegan.

Canoli. Ricotta filled Canoli. My all-time favourtie dessert. Why??? Good thing that I had the brownies, which I posted the other day…

All in all, it was a successful dinner. During the day, it was tough with the house slowly smelling like all this awesome food that I could not eat. Seeing all the food (and photographing it) was also hard. But I have to admit, when I started to eat, it got easier. I had my pasta, and then started to get full. I saw all the food, and everyone eating all the food. Yet, I was nice and full and did not really want anything. The thing I had the most trouble with (besides the canoli), was the artichokes. I think it was because they are a veggie, and should be okay. But because of the batter, they were not.

One holiday down, only about 6 more to go until the year is done!

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