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March Wrap Up

March 31, 2011

Can you believe that March is already over? It feels like I just wrote about February, and all the joy of the best month ever has brought!

Well, I hit my goal weight this month (167 lbs), and actually dipped a bit below that this week. I am doing my best to eat, and eat, and eat (and drink) my way back up to between 167 and 170. I don’t want to get too skinny.

Health wise, I am feeling okay. Well, today was not the best day (Migraine super battle), and I am tired because of it. But overall my energy levels have been good. I have also started working out. In the middle of the second week, so it will take some time, but in the end it should be a good thing. I can almost see the abs of steel, while I lie on a beach tanning this summer. Yeah, sure…

Food wise has been pretty good. I have discovered a few fast food places (Subway, Swiss Chalet) that make food I can eat, which is always nice – I don’t have to be such an outcast at work social events.

There were some new recipes that we made this month, including some cookies that I am eating while I write this.

I got to finally shop at the Vegan Grocery Store (thanks Lisa!), and got some neat things that I cannot wait to try, and write about.

I also went to the Naturopath, who wants to monitor my bloodwork come June, to make sure that I am getting enough of the nutrients that I need. We shall see what the doctor says! Also, I am due for a physical soon, so we will get that done as well.

Upcoming this month, we have some interesting trials. Tomorrow I leave for another weekend of camping. We shall see what I come up with food-wise this weekend. I am also a season ticket holder for Toronto FC (soccer team), and they always have great food – our seats are right above the meat pies food stand, meaning it always smells awesome when you are sitting there.

This month will also be Easter – which means 2 meals with 2 families, plus we have a major grandparent anniversary to attend, which is another big meal.

It should be a Vegan good time! Can’t wait.

Finally, once again thank you ever so much for reading about my adventure. I am certainly enjoying writing about it, and living it!

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