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A Vegan Super Power???

March 31, 2011

For the last few months, I have written about things like my health, how I am feeling, and the such. However, today I have discovered a neat thing with the Veganism…now, it might be due to the whole healthy eating, it might be due to the Veganism, but I am classifying it as a SUPER POWER! Let me explain.

Like many people, I too have my ailments. Nobody has a perfect body, with perfect health. My ailment is migraines. To all suffers, I feel your pain. Literally. I am fortunate in that I am not one of those ‘OMG I have one, I need to lie in silence and dark for 3-5 days just to be coherent’. For me, it hits, and it sucks. But it passes with sleep. So if one comes on today, tomorrow, I will be okay. I might have a dull headache, but I can function.

For those that don’t know, Migraines (in my case) have symptoms. For me, it starts with the eyes. Rub your eyes really hard, and then try to focus on an object. Notice how your vision is blurry, and you have squiggly lines of light that seem to float in the air, as you try to focus? Well, that is what I get naturally. I will be reading something, and all of a sudden things go blurry and the lines appear. I also feel a dull sensation on the right side of my head. That means an attack is coming.

Time has shown that it takes about 2 hours for the full on migrane to hit. I have also found that the best way for me to combat it is to eat something, drink about a litre of water, and go to sleep. After about 2 hours of sleep (as it is truly a nap), I will have a dull headache, but otherwise be okay.

Well, this morning, I am working on some files, when the attack starts. Today is not a good day for this (when is?) – I have some work that has to be completed today. Also, this evening right after work, I am off to Scouts – we are packing for Camp. I cannot be dead to the world today. I need to pack, and make sure we are good to go for tomorrow. So I start to panic. I know the routine (as I have suffered since I was 17). Eat, drink, sleep. Eat, drink, sleep.

I had not eaten my lunch yet, so I dug in. Eat – check.

We have a water cooler at work, so Drink – check.

Sleep? Sleep? How can I sleep? I need to be here.

I start to think about going to the drug store, and getting some pills. Something, anything, to help with the pain…..and then….

Something strange happened. The pain started to lift. What, what?

The pain started to lift? How is this possible? That never happens. Granted, it is not gone (I still have a headache), but it is like I already slept, and now I am just working through the headache. The weird thing is that I am tired. Not sure what that means, but the migraine seems to be losing the battle. My body is fighting it off. Not sure how, not sure why. But it is. I get a throbbing on the right side, signalling it is coming on stronger, and then it weakens and the pain dilutes across my head (the usual affect of sleep). So my body is fighting the urge to be sick, and using all my energy to do so.

This all started at around 11am. At 1pm, I had a dull headache, but was okay. By 3pm, no symptoms. Now at 10pm, it is like it never happened. Weird wild stuff people!

Weird. Wild. Another power of the Vegan – the ability to fight off one’s ailments. Migraines are my kryponite, and Veganism is my Blue Bizarro World Kryptonite!

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