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Workout – Day 6

March 26, 2011

The final workout of the week. Today we have:

  • Dumbbell Lunge
  • Dumbbell Floor Press
  • Standing Hammer Curls
  • Lying Dumbbell Extension

3 sets of each, 12 reps at a time. The latter 3 were fine. Good, can be tough, etc. But let’s discuss lunges. I have a quick story. Back in the day, we used to do Taekwondo. For several years. Anyway, about 5 years ago, on the May long weekend, we had a family reunion to attend (every other year, on my wife’s side. Her grandmother who was 1 of 11 children. All the families gather in Western Ontario). Anyway, we decided to be good, and plan to go to a class at noon on Saturday before heading out. This way, no matter what we ate or drank, we would have had a good workout beforehand, to balance the evil.

In said class, one of the blackbelts (a student teacher, not one of the masters) decided that it was going to be workout/endurance class. For about 20 minutes, we did lunges. Around the whole do-jang. A normal lunge is where you take a step forward with your left leg, then you kneel down until your right knee touches the floor, then back up, and your left leg back to standing, then repeat the other leg. Well, in this class, instead of stepping back with the left, you stepped forward with the right. This way, you were doing lunge walking.

It is tough, but managable. What is not so much fun, is waking up the next morning. Never had I been in so much pain from a workout. We were both in pain. The funny part was the hotel we were staying at had no elevator. So there we were with all the senior citizens, taking our time and grimacing down the stairs. Judging by the speed, I would say the elderly relatives had an easier time than we did.

Based on that, I hate lunges. So of course, Saturday morning, let’s lunge. Anyway, mind over matter, I got through it. Let’s hope I can walk tomorrow!

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