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Panacea: The Eco Shopping Oasis

March 26, 2011

For Christmas, one of the things I received was a gift certificate to Panacea, from my sister. Panacea is the ONLY Vegan grocery store in Toronto. Located downtown, right by Honest Ed’s mecca of shopping. Anyway, I have not had the opportunity to go shopping there just yet. But today, I was downtown, and decided to do some shopping!

Panacea is an interesting place – they sell food, clothing, cleaning supplies, bathing supplies, and a whole host of materials and literature about  being Vegan. But I am only concerned about food.

They had a snack aisle, with goodies like chocolate bars, and energy bars. There was a lot of spices, there was flour. The flour aisle area was pretty impressive. They had all sorts of neat things. Did you know there was black bean flour? How about white bean flour? Yeah, me neither! Sadly, I was really wanting to get chickpea flour (for a recipe I am wanting to try out and write about), but they were sold out. There must have been 30 types of flour! Who knew more than ‘white flour’ existed???

There was also the aisle with the canned goods, and sauces, pasta, rice, etc. I didn’t really look down that aisle. There was the junk food area – where I got cotton candy! Yes, vegan cotton candy! Now, it does not meet the food criteria, but so what??? IT IS COTTON CANDY!

There was also the fridge and freezer aisle. Of course, lots of soy-based products, which I can’t eat. However, there was a burger thing that I got, that was mushroom-based. Also, they carry the Coconut Bliss that I have raved about in the past. I bought 5 flavours worth. Actually, below is the whole pile of goodies:

I foresee a lot of tasting and then a lot of writing in my future…

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