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Oh Veganism, how I love you…how I hate you…shopping edition!

March 24, 2011

A little tidbit on me – I love to shop. I am a super consumer. I just love spending money. I can’t really explain it – if I have cash in pocket, I have no money. That is just the way it is. Sometimes, it is just something small, like a cartoon figure or something from a vending machine (not food obviously), other times, it is something big and shiny, like a new LED TV.

I am not the type to carry debt however. So I spend, I pay myself first (save), then I spend the rest. I can’t explain it.

Most of the time, I spend money on clothes. I love clothes. I really do. Suits, Shirts, Ties. All work for me. Also, I love jeans, hoodies, shirts, etc. Shorts in summer. I just love clothes. So now with all this weight loss, nothing fits! Well, yesterday after work, I decided to go shopping!

6 shirts for work (French Cuffed, lots of colours), a vest, and pair of jeans. They also threw in a pair of underwear and a garment bag. Nice.

Sadly, the problem with new clothes is that new replaces something. As much as I love new clothes, I hate getting rid of old clothes. Don’t get me wrong, there are things that I don’t like, or things that don’t look as nice, so I don’t mind getting rid of those. As for things that I still like, I hate getting rid of them. But things do not fit. So I went into my closet – the hanging clothes part. I did not go through my camp gear, or summer gear, pyjamas, lounge around the house clothes, or travel clothing. Anyway, there was a lot that did not fit. Yes, I tried on EVERYTHING!

That is a lot of clothing. Even my cat Delilah thinks so!

Let’s catalogue what we got here. I will point out what is new, and what I still love…

2 belts, brown and black – both use belt buckles. I currently have a pile of buckles, and no belts that can help.

5 pairs of pants, some for work. The 2 pairs of jeans are less than a year old…

3 jackets. Fortunately these are older, and I don’t necessarily wear them that often.

9 T-shirts – why is it that Superman and Batman shirts are never the muscule shirts, like the superheroes would need? Also, notice the tag on the one in the front – yes, I never wore this one! The majority of these are newer. Also, one of my faves – the World’s Laziest Ninja shirt. Sad to see it go.

3 jerseys. Not sure what I am going to wear come Saturday, when Toronto FC kicks off their 5th season. I guess that means a new jersey for me!

1 suit. I actually have another 5-8 suits that could fall into this category, but I don’t really want to spend the money to get a whole new sets of suits. So I will likely get some of them altered, and then replace the ones that don’t get done. This one here was a bit big last June, before I began this journey. The jacket is like a tarp on me now!

4 mock turtlenecks/long sleeve shirts. I really like the one in the front. Such a great shirt – looks great with one of the jackets I am getting rid of.

6 short sleeved button-down shirts. The front 3 were regular rotation shirts last year Рespecially  the pink. All 3 are less than a year old. The blue in the back middle is one of my faves Рhave had it for years.

10 long sleeved work shirts. The majority of them are under a year old. In fact, the black one I was wearing when I went shopping for my new clothes! The green one in the front right is still on display and on sale at Tristan (where I went shopping). The blue in the middle was a Christmas present, that I tried on and fit at that time!

In total, I purchased 8 pieces of clothing, got rid of 41 pieces, for a new total of 33 items gone. The sad thing – my closet is still too full! How is that even possible???

I am going to be smart about this. Last June, before all this ridiculousness that is the food criteria, and then veganism, I was off of work (like many people have been in this bad economy). Anyway, my wife decided to take me shopping as a treat (she was working). We bought a bunch of new things. When I got home, my closet was full. So I went through everything (much like I did here), and anything that did not fit (as in everything that was too small, but I was saving for ‘when I get thin’) I got rid of. I do feel good – as I donated it all to the poor box. There was lots of nice things, suits, work clothes, etc. Going to good use.

Then I got skinny. There was some pieces in there that I would love to have again now. Oh well.

This time, I am smart – the clothes are going into the clothing bag, and into storage for the next year. Let’s see where I am at after this adventure ends. Should I go back to normal life (albeit healthier), and start gaining weight, many of these clothes could come back into rotation. Whereas clothing that stayed will get another year of wear and tear on them, and may be ready to discard.

Only time will tell!

Finally, a thank you to my cat Delilah for all her help, with making sure there was cat fur on everything, and holding down the clothing just in case gravity failed! Thanks Delly!

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