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Is Being Vegan Hard?

February 11, 2011

The above question is something I get asked regularly. You know, besides the whole ‘there is no way I could do it’ sort of stuff. The question again:

Is it hard being vegan?

The answer – Not really

The better question would be:

Is it hard to be vegan with all your dietary restrictions?

The answer would be Yes to this question. Think about it. Think about everything you eat in a normal day. Now, imagine that your diet. I am going to imagine a ‘normal’ person’s diet:

Breakfast – Bagel and a coffee from Tim Horton’s

Lunch – a sandwich, assorted cold cuts. Or maybe a salad, with some fruit. Or perhaps you go out everyday, and something is picked up. Like Pizza.

Dinner – a steak, potatoes, beans, etc.

That sounds like a pretty normal meal plan, right? Okay, so removing all the meat, you would get left with the bagel, coffee, salad, fruit, potato, and beans. Well, at this time, I can only have the salad (depends what type of dressing, and what is in it), and the beans. Why? Because I cannot eat wheat, sugar, potatoes, and the like.

I am not complaining – far from it. I am just re-stating that to me, the hardest part is not the vegan part. It is not super easy (or everyone would do it). But it can be diffucult. It just involves planning. If you know what foods are in what, you can be fine. But, once you add in other variables, what do you eat?

The biggest kicker is no soy. You know those days when you are in a rush, so you stop at the grocery store, or pick up some take out? That is all out. There are definitely vegan options (just look in your local grocery store). The #1 ingredient is tofu, or soy. So, how do you plan for this? You just do.

I am not sure where this post is going. I will be honest, this has been a draft that I have added to, and edited, several times over the last 2 weeks. I don’t even remember the point, but why not – let’s publish.

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