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Scouting for Vegans

January 31, 2011

This past weekend, one of my major tests occured. As you may or may not know, I am an active leader in Scouts Canada. As is tradition within our group, we went winter camping. Now winter camping is a wonderful experience for not only the Scouts, but for the leaders as well. But this blog is not about Scouting. It is about me and my food.

Friday Night

As is tradition, the Scouts participate in Mug Up, which is a light snack before bed. Generally hot chocolate and cookies. Something of that nature. To combat this, I brought tea (Peppermint, from Starbucks), and lots of it. I also brought some Vegan-approved (although not diet approved) cookies. Did I enjoy them? Oh yeah. Should I eat them? Oh no.

Saturday Breakfast

For breakfast, the Scouts had pancakes, milk, sliced fruit, and turkey kolbasa. Lots of yummy foods. Frank had Raisin Spelt Bread, with Almond Butter, along with a tea. Being on kitchen duty (well, assisting in the kitchen), made it easier for me to eat. Plus, most people in Scouts know about this adventure, so it is all good.

Saturday Lunch

For lunch, the Scouts made some egg drop in a paper bag over the fire thing, with turkey bacon. I am not really sure on the details, as I did not end up going to that part of the weekend. We were behind schedule, and I needed something to eat. So I stayed at our cabin (we had a central cabin, although I did sleep in the outdoors), and made some soup. Epicure Selection Veggie broth, along with some Quinoa. So good. So good in fact, that I made it twice, and ate it twice. Also had some cole slaw with that. And some almonds. And some apple and grapefruit.


There is always food kicking around. I brought some fruit (apples and grapefruits), along with some fruit strips to munch on when the craving arose. Also had some almonds with me as well. Got to keep that protein up!

Saturday Dinner

The Scouts had Vegetarian Chilli. So I had…Vegetarian Chilli. Actually, I made my own, not knowing the ingredients that they would use – as they did have some fake beef. Not sure what it was – it was not Soy based. Anyway, we all ate chilli together.

Sunday Breakfast

Scouts had homemade oatmeal, Frank had more toast.

Survey says:

The first camp was pretty successful. It would have been tougher if we had to carry gear in. I mean, I did make my own food and bring it in my leader pack – making some permission forms and books gain another 10-15 lbs. That being said, I think I did a pretty good job. Kept the vegan thing going, didn’t interupt the others and their food. So far, so good. Naturally, this would be, and will be tougher with different camps, but for this one, it was good!

Go Scouter Vegan!

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