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One Month Down

January 31, 2011

A quick update, as we wrap up January.

January was an interesting month for sure. It started with failing at the get go – being in Italy and all. But after a couple of hiccups in Rome, we were back on track. The weight has stabilized at around 173 lbs. Which is good. When I was super active about 5 years ago, that is about where my weight was. My ideal is between 165 and 175. Meaning I have lost about 30lbs. Not bad at all. Now I just need to exercise more…

Food wise, I managed to get through a biggie – a camp. It involves a lot of planning on my end, and cooking beforehand, but ultimately, it worked out well. That will be interesting to follow the rest of the year. Travel on the other hand may be a tough nut to crack. Especially since I have no idea where I will end up this year. But that is for later.

Craving wise was really good, until today. For some reason, all I could think about this afternoon was a cheeseburger, ice cream, and tuna salad sandwich. Not sure where this came from, but it was quite a change from the norm. If I was only doing this adventure for Veganism, and not also for health reasons, there is no way I could have resisted the temptations. It was that strong. But I stayed true. I am hoping that is a side effect from little sleep at camp this past weekend, combined with me being vegan – but cheating a bit on the health side. With some diligence, that should pass.

Social parts have also been good. I have learned to pack a little food with me wherever I go. This month, I went sledding, cross country skiing, to an art exhibit/party, a birthday party, visiting family, a few bars/pubs, have a dinner party, and camp. By doing my research, I have been able to figure out what exactly I can drink (alcohol wise – even though I should not drink), and how to get by in the social situations. It just means planning, and watching how much I consume. But overall, I have faired pretty well.

Interesting side notes include my new love of carbonated water, broccoli, and cauliflower. Now, I have always liked the green and white tree foods, but lately I just can’t get enough of them. Steamed cauliflower, with a bit of salt on them have in the last 48 hours been like a godsend to me. And no matter how it is prepared, I can’t get enough broccoli!

The carbonated water is interesting, as I NEVER liked it. Now, I drink it all the time. There are certain brands I prefer over others, but it is an interesting thing to me, for sure.

I have also figured out things like how much protein I should have (and how much anyone should per day). If you are reading this entry, but did not read that one, I highly suggest you do. Between that and the alcohol entries, those are my favourite ones by far this month.

February will bring new challenges, as I have another camp, and Family Day weekend, where I will be visiting family, and seeing family. Which means more planning. It is also the Superbowl – something tells me that Wings and Beer are on the outs this year!

I hope you are all enjoying reading about this adventure as I am experiencing it. Only 11 months to go!

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