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Is my alcohol Vegan?

January 11, 2011

This is just a quick plug for my new favourite site – Barnivore ( In essence, it is a massive listing of beer manufacturers, wine vineyards, and spirit makers, and whether or not they are Vegan, have some Vegan options, or are just not for me at this time.

Let’s explore, shall we…


As discussed in the last post, German purity laws make German beer my friend. Let’s look at some Canadian brewers, and some others that I have enjoyed over the years:

  • Labatt – As long as it is not something that uses honey (like a honey lager), we are good. Meaning when at my Dad’s place, the Labatt’s Blue is all good.
  • Molson – Much like above, Coors, Canadian, and Corona are all okay. Good to know.
  • Sleeman’s – Except for the Honey Brown, we should be good.
  • Anheuser-Busch – Bud is okay for consumption
  • Guinness – NOT VEGAN FRIENDLY. I guess that means my Christmas Tradition goes down this year
  • Carlsberg – Depending where it is brewed. If Australian, then no. If Canadian, then yes. I will have to check the can when Toronto FC starts again to make sure. They also make Tuborg, which is the other beer I generally get at games.


Well then, let’s start on the wine list, shall we:

  • Henry of Pelham – OUT
  • Hillebrand – OUT
  • Kittling Ridge – OUT
  • Malivoire – OUT, which is frustrating for Niagara, as they bill themselves as the only organic winery…shows once again that Organic does not equal Vegan…
  • Pelee Island – OUT
  • Peller – OUT
  • Sunnybrooke – VEGAN! Phew, I was getting worried that all my haunts were out…
  • Joseph’s – Vegan
  • Cave Springs – Vegan
  • Wolf Blass (Australia) – some Vegan, certain vintages
  • Yellow Tail (Australia) – some Vegan, certain vintages
  • With many other countries, there is either no info, or no options…


Never touch the stuff, I swear…

  • Absolut Vodka – Absolut Vegan
  • Crown Royal – Vegan
  • Disaronno – Vegan, and a good thing too…this might have ended the Vegan experiment right there!
  • Frangelico – Vegan. The Brotherhood would be proud.
  • Grey Goose – Vegan
  • JD – Vegan
  • Jose Cuvero – Vegan. Which is important, as I love Tequilla…
  • Silent Sam Vodka – NOT VEGAN! Strange, they use silk as part of their filteration process. Bizarre, and every other vodka is Vegan. Why the difference? Maybe the silk is what makes it sneak up on you…
  • Smirnoff – Vegan. See what I mean?

So according to Barnivore (my new favourite site), I am okay with some beer, should be very careful with wine, and drink my face off with alcohol. Of course, if you look at food criteria, you will see that actually, I can’t drink any of it. But should I falter on my food criteria ways, I know what I will be drinking…


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