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FOOD REVIEW – Filsinger’s Organic Foods – Organic Apple Butter

January 6, 2011

A quick post this morning, as I am still on Europe time, and am awake hours before I need to be up for work.

This morning on my Vegan-approved toast, I tried this product. I have eaten Organic Butters beforehand, and had Apple Butter before.

According to their literature, they are certified organic, which is nice. However, this one reviewer found the taste to be lacking. I mean, it is good, don’t get me wrong. But as crazy as it sounds considering my quest – this is a product that could benefit from sugar. Just my opinion. I enjoyed it, and will continue to eat it, but it is not ‘sweet’ enough. I am not sure why that is – apples are pretty sweet fruit.

Think about Apple Sauce for a second – there are brands that are better than others, right? I never have purchased sweetened apple sauce. But I know that there are some that just taste better than others. This is the case with this one.

The picture is in the FOOD FOTOS section.

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