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Well, let’s just dive right in!!!

December 17, 2010

Countdown, T-minus 15 days.

Way back when I started this adventure, I said that there were 3 things that would make this journey the most diffucult. They are:

  1. The big holidays
  2. Travelling
  3. Camping

So naturally, coming in January, I have all 3 rolled into a nice little ball. We are going to see how this works out. Think of today’s post as a preview of things to come. Will Frank fail in his first couple of weeks? Will Frank succeed?

After 2011 starts, I will also be updating more recipes, and talking about some restaurants and cookbooks and recipes and other goodies that people have so kindly suggested to me in going through this adventure. I have not forgotten – I have just had other projects on the go at the same time. Come January, I am all in on the Vegan experiment, and there will be lots to share on this adventure. I already have my B12 suppliments, have another Naturopath appointment lined up before I hit go, and we will be off!

I will update where I can, but it will be tough over the next few weeks with the holidays and all. If not, then see you from the no-animal land!

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