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Too much indulgence…

December 11, 2010

Wow, this past week has been wonderful, and horrible, all at the same time!

First off, I have been eating lots of cookies. The joys of baking season. So we have lots of butter, not to mention all the sugars and starches that I have not been eating.

On Tuesday, I had a meeting after work, which had lots of holiday goodies. Now, I didn’t indulge in that, but they did have some popcorn, which I was not suppose to eat.

Wednesday, I went to a reunion with old co-workers. For dinner, I had a mushroom-filled ravioli appetizer, covered in cream sauce, then some nibbily things like spring rolls and dumplings. For the main course, a lovely steak with mash potatoes.

Thursday at lunch, my sister was in town, so we went out for lunch, and I had a spinach salad – where the spinach is really the least of the problem. It is covered in bacon, cheese, eggs, and other goodies. Topped off with a warm bacon cream salad dressing. So good!

Thursday for dinner, my Venturer Company (Scouts) had our Holiday dinner out/celebrating a birthday. BLT sandwich with fries for dinner.

Friday I was training a backup from another office, so I took her out for lunch. A pemeal/cheddar sandwich, with buffalo chips on the side. Friday night was our work’s Christmas party. Buffet style – I had some pasta from the pasta bar (wheat pasta), which was fried up mushrooms and sundried tomatoes, and some sauce. Then I went to the salad bar and had some mussels, oysters, and seafood salads, along with lots of shrimp. I also had some bean salad (which was sweetened), along with a mushroom salad and some other things.

Not to mention the alcohol that has gone along with these events.

In any event, my body decided enough is enough and violently rejected the indulgence over the past week. So today, it is back on the wagon….

Only 21 days until Veganism is a go!

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