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Outing – Schulich School of Business

November 30, 2010

A little bit about me, for those readers who don’t know. For work, I am a Proposal Management Professional by trade. Meaning, I respond to client RFP in order to help the company that I work for win new business, and retain current clients. More information is at

That being said, this week I was at the Schulich School of Business attending a course on High Impact Business Writing. This is a class that I have wanted to take for a couple of years now, but have never had the opportunity to attend. The course was very good. I learned lots that I can apply to my day to day working environment.

Anyway, that is not what this blog is about – this one is about Frank vs. Veganism.

So how will I survive in such an environment? I mean, when I registered there was information provided regarding my time there. They have an in-house catering service, and apparently have vegetarian options. But we all know vegetarian is not vegan. On top of that, how will this affect me, with all my other dietary restrictions?

If I was smart, I would have read the part that says “please let us know if you have any other dietary restrictions, so we can accommodate your needs” and would have sent my food list. But then that goes against my whole “I don’t want people to cater to me, I want to do this my way” attitude about this project. Plus, who said anything about being smart…

On my first day, I decided to be smart. So I ate breakfast at home, eating what I am suppose to eat. Naturally, there is a buffet breakfast filled with foods I cannot eat like meats and cheeses. So when I arrive, a herbal peppermint tea for me. So far so good. At break, there is lots of junk food, and sweets, and other such things. Another tea, and an apple. Still holding strong.

Day 1 lunch, and oh man. People were talking about the food, and they were not kidding. There was meat dishes, risotto dishes, and all sorts of other things. Me? I hit the salad bar. They had things like lentil salad, chick pea salads, green salads, mixed veggies, etc. So I hit the vegetarian bar. They also had other veggies in the hot table, but there is no way (besides asking) to know if they use butter to lather up those veggies. The way people were going on about how good they were, tells me yes there was butter. To make myself feel better, I sat with mostly ladies from my course. You could tell that most of them were trying to be good, or were skinny because of choices made in life, as they were eating portions like I was, or eating the chicken breasts and such. The other people were getting seconds and thirds of things. The only downside to this was that the women all have sweet tooth addictions, so when they hit dessert, I went back to the classroom.

For afternoon break, again I went with the tea. Interesting in the PM, was that there was a bowl of peanuts, and a bowl of mixed nuts (along with bowls of M&Ms, Jelly Beans, etc). For a place that is concerned with dietary restrictions, I figured No Nuts would be standard. There was no nuts or nut toppings at lunch or the salad bar. I guess here it is okay? Anyway, I did have the nuts, because nuts=protein!

For the remaining 2 days, it was pretty much the same. Lots of tea, salad bar. On the last day, they had a broth soup that was carrot and cinammon. No cream. I had a bowl of that. Not sure if something bad was in there or not, but it was good! Other than that, I stuck to my guns, and did not indulge. Shame really, because I think a large part of the cost is to pay for your food. Oh well…

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