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3 posts in 1!

November 16, 2010

Hopefully, this post won’t be all over the place. 3 topics I want to cover:

1. So this is my ideal

2. Cravings and Christmas

3. The countdown has begun.


Weight, that is. Ever since I started doing this adventure, whether it be being a supportive husband, and watching our food, or doing the trial and error portion of veganism, to actually monitoring my food intake officially, I have dropped weight. Even when I cheat, I drop weight. Every Monday morning, I get up and before I get into the shower, I get on the scale. It is important when tracking weight to do the measurements at the same time. Your body weight shifts throughout the day. It is important to wear the same amount of clothing (if at all) while doing this. So for me, this is my Monday morning ritual.

This week marks the first time in months that my weight has gone up from the previous week. Granted, it was only 1.5 lbs. However, up until now, I have been able to cheat. For the most part, my intake has been on the straight and narrow. Trying to be vegan, and not consume wheat or sugar, plus those other foods I cannot eat currently. However, say I am invited out for dinner to a friends’ place – I eat what is in front of me. I try and be good, but I cheat a bit. They make dessert, I eat dessert. Things like that. Or at work, someone wants to go for lunch, we go for lunch. I try to be good, but can’t always.

This week, a couple of factors came into play. We began our baking for Christmas. Naturally, there is lots of sugar, butter, flour, and other things I cannot eat when it comes to baking. For the most part, my dinners and the rest of the food during the week was normal. However, I would taste test everything that was made – batch of shortbread, better try one. Cookies? Sure, why not. And so forth. More on this in the 2nd post.

The other factor was we had a house guest come in and stay from overseas. So we ordered in dinner. Generally speaking, my restaurant experiences have been either eating vegan, or preparing to be bad (like my anniversary meal of steak and frites). We ordered in Thai, complete with deep fried spring rolls. This was accompanied with some beer. Also had lots of chips, and powdered doughnuts (don’t ask, long story).

So when you add it up, I went up in weight. Granted, I could be just holding water weight (from all the salt in the dinner), and this week I could drop again. However, as my portion sizes have dramatically dropped, it did not matter what I ate. Some weeks I lost up to 5 lbs, other weeks I lost 1/2 lb. In any event, I consistently lost weight, because I was not eating nearly as much food over the course of a week as I once did. Now, I am consuming what my body needs. Meaning if I cheat, I will be caught. My ideal weight (as I have heard countless times) for my body type is between 155-174 lbs. My BMI should be between 19 and 25. Mine is around 27 currently. So I should still lose some mass, and a few pounds more. What it means though, is I need to work at it. Exercise, here I come!


As I began describing above, the baking has begun. A strange thing has been happening. I have found myself craving, in a big way. And that craving is sugar, and fat. With the baking and sampling, yesterday was a horrible day! In the morning, I had my glass of Hemp Bliss (dude, like, whoa…), along with my vitamins and suppliments. Then I got to work and had a banana (which is technically banned, but I ended up with some and don’t like to waste food – so this week I have bananas as part of my fruit intake instead of grapefruit). Then I had some apple sauce. Then I had my lunch (black bean and tomato soup). Then another banana. The constant theme? I had no energy/was crashing all day, and I was always hungry – not “starving”, but generally hungry. My body was looking to fill up, and the quickest way to fill up and get energy? Fat and sugar. Crazy!

Last night, I went home, ate dinner, and my body naturally produced the energy I needed to finish my evening. I was craving sugar all evening, but that craving I was able to fight off. The fat one however, combined with the need for energy, was simply crazy! I have never experienced that in the past few months!

This morning, another glass of Hemp Bliss, and off to work. I have another bowl of soup, and a banana for lunch (which is my normal – small lunch). I had to visit 2 clients to deliver some documents this morning (I write and edit for a living), and it took all of my will power to not stop and get something to eat. Energy wise I am fine today, but I have this need to eat fatty foods. I could smell the McDonald’s fryers cooking the hash browns for breakfast. My body needed this, my mind said no. Ultimately, my mind won this contest of wills. However, as Christmas continues on, it is going to be quite the struggle to win this battle. Of course, there is the other side of this, which leads into the 3rd post…


Today is November 16th. That means in 46 days, it is Day 1 of 365 days of Veganism. That is very soon. Very soon. Last week, I was thinking about Christmas. A lot of my shopping has already been done (I know, I know). I am one of those ‘let’s get it done before December’ sort of people. Plus, my office is IN the Eaton Centre, meaning it is easy to get things done at lunch. Between that, and the baking, I have been thinking of Christmas. I have put in my holidays at work, going to be out of the office basically for the week leading into Christmas, and the week following. Thinking about going to visit family, friends, and all the Christmas parties. Then the wonderful Christmas meals (yes, more than one). Then the celebrations and partying that is New Years and….oh wait, come New Years Day, the challenge begins! I am already dreading New Years Day – for years and years and years, my New Years Day/hangover food has been President’s Choice Deluxe White Cheddar (which is their knockoff of KD). Hmm, cheese, milk, butter…how am I going to cope? Does that mean I have to watch my alcohol intake on the Eve? What am I going to eat? What happens if I am not in the City? What happens if I am away this year? How will I eat? What will I eat???

Yes, as you can imagine, the realization of what I am actually going to be attempting is starting to sink in. Can I do this? Sure – I can be at home every day, making food for myself, bringing a lunch everyday, and controlling things this way. However, how do I deal with all of this having a lifestyle where I am not always at home, where I travel, where I eat outside of the home regularly, where I go camping with Scouts 5-7 times a year?

I am also thinking that it is too late to back out at this point…that would be a terrible project, right? Telling the world on Sept 1st that I am going Vegan, just to chicken out now. I wanted a hard project. Up until now, it has been easy, but I have been able to eat meat when it was appropriate. I have been able to cheat. Now? It is getting close. It is that time where I will ‘get my last’ things. I know Christmas is tough, and I know that I will get fish, turkey, and other goodies on Christmas. Does this mean I should go to the Keg, and get a steak while I still can? What about my diet? What about trying to get my BMI and weight down some more?

So much on the go. So much to consider. So much that will be fun to write about!

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