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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

October 25, 2010

So this weekend, I went camping with Scouts. Let’s discuss the food, shall we:

Friday dinner: THE GOOD

– for dinner, we decided to stop at Subway, instead of cooking food once we got to camp. The good was that I ordered a veggie sub, along with a bottle of water.

Friday dinner: THE BAD

– the sub came on wheat bread, which I am technically not suppose to eat.

Friday dinner: THE UGLY

– Nothing, which is nice.

Saturday breakfast: THE GOOD

– For breakfast, I had some homemade, Frank-style granola. Then I had some eggs and chicken bacon. I also had a piece of spelt bread.

Saturday breakfast: THE BAD

– Eggs and bacon, although on my list of foods to eat health-wise, are not exactly vegan.

Saturday breakfast: THE UGLY

– Nothing really – at this point, I am doing well.

Saturday snacks: THE GOOD

– I brought some almonds from home, along with a fruit and nut bar, full of goodness that I can eat! I also had a couple of apples

Saturday snacks: THE BAD

– None that I can remember.

Saturday snacks: THE UGLY

– I do recall doing a Tim Horton’s run, and enjoying timbits. There is no sugar or animal products in timbits, right???

Saturday dinner: THE GOOD

– I had steak, with Quinoa. Quinoa, is, so, good! Plus, beef is on my list!

Saturday dinner: THE BAD

– Cattle is not animal byproduct, right?

Saturday dinner: THE UGLY

– I brought a jar of homemade BBQ sauce. I know what is in there, and I know what I can’t have. It was decilious, but not what I should have had.

Beverages: THE GOOD

– Lots of herbal tea, and water.

Beverages: THE BAD

– I ran out of herbal tea, and switched to herbal, caramel infused tea, which of course has sugar

Beverages: THE UGLY

– It was cold Saturday night, so I decided to boil some water for more tea…then decided that a hot chocolate was in order. Yeah, so, ummmm….


– While packing up, someone came by with free breakfast, and French Toast it was! It was good, not what I needed, or should have had, but it was good!

So there we go. The lesson – I need to pack my own food. My will power was good, but not great…

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  1. Katie Johnston permalink

    I thought you did quite well with the will power especially when you sent the bbq sauce home with me I think I have ate half the jar already!!!

  2. Bhavishree permalink

    Frank – do you feel sick after you eat the stuff you are not suppose to or do you feel great?

    • Good question. Honestly, it depends on what I eat.

      For example, if I have something like wheat, I feel no difference. Things like Meat (which obviously goes against the whole vegan thing) does not affect me one way or another. I mean, if I have a sandwich. Now, if I had like 3-4 pieces of French Toast, I would get bloated, but a little cheat does not affect.

      Sugar on the other hand is deadly. You have kids – imagine giving them a bag of sugar. What would happen? They would get crazy, then crash hard, right?

      That is what happens to me. It happens very quick, where I get real high, then real low, and the only way to come back up is to injest more sugar. Thus why after the Timbit, it became a gong show!

  3. Bhavishree permalink

    I see – I was wondering if it made you sick since you are trying to keep it out of your diet. Totally understand about sugar. Well you can cheat now and not feel bad about it as you are on trial hehe.

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