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Time to review some food!

October 19, 2010

I decided that it has been some time since I reviewed some food. So here are some quick ones, with photos to follow in the FOTOS section of the blog:

Peanut Hazelnut Butter – Mystery Butter 2

Brought to us by the fine folks at Nuts to You Nut Butter, this is a product in the long line of goodies like Almond Butter, and Hazelnut Butter (my nutella replacement). I am not sure what the “Mystery” part is, and why it is a sequel, but it is pretty good. As in on a scale of 1-10, it is easily a 9, especially if you love peanut butter! Comes highly recommended by me, and like the other flavours, mixes really nicely with Apple Butter or other jam spreads!

kiju Apple – Organic

Pretty basic stuff, right? Water and OJ. Simple, pure, wonderful! I am not a fan of club soda, or Perrier, but cut with this juice, it is a good thing. Besides, think about how many apples you would need to squeeze to get a glass of juice – you would never eat that many, so why would you drink a massive glass of juice? See what I mean? Speaking of:


I have a bushel of apples in the kitchen, and was looking for a reason to use the photo of them in the FOTOS section. Yes, lots of apples. Apples don’t need a review. They are awesome without one!

Just Blueberry/Just Cherry

Brought to us by the people at R.W. Knudsen. Much like the Apple Juice above, this contains water and the berries (or cherries, based on which one you buy). Currently, I have Blueberry in the house, and the photo can be found in the FOTOS section. However, unlike the Apple Juice, this one hurts the pocketbook – for some reason, the Cherry version generally retails for about $5 a bottle. However, all other flavours (including said Blueberry) retail for about $10. I had to try it, so I bought it. Much like the Apple, just cut with club soda, and enjoy!

SPELT puffed cakes

Much like much of the world, years ago I switched off potato chips, and started eating rice cakes. Of course, if you eat them properly, they are a great snack. If you eat 3-4 bags, you might as well just eat the chips.

Anyway, I don’t mind the taste at all. Of course, I cannot eat the rice right now (see FOOD CRITERIA). However, Suzie’s makes said rice cakes, but using spelt. Spelt is my friend. So are these rice cakes. Today, I had the Mystery PB mentioned above on them, as a snack at work. Very good.

Kamut & Spelt Roti Roll w/ Spiced Chick Peas

You know those days when you come home, and don’t feel like cooking? Those days when you just toss a pizza in the oven, or make a jamacian patty? Well, Zara’s Gourmet Kitchen makes these Roti Rolls. There are a variety of them (I have 6 types in the freezer). This one is the only one I have had, and it is a nice treat. Generally, I will eat 1/2 of one, as eating a whole one is pretty similar to visiting McDonalds on the calorie, fat, and sodium fronts (okay, maybe not THAT bad). But if you 1/2 it, it is not so bad.

These are all products that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to add some variety to their daily meals!


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  1. Katie Johnston permalink

    I am not sure if this falls in the lines of what you can eat, but I noticed that you have found substitutes for peanut butter or nutella. As a mother I have to find news ways of making lunches that do not contain nuts. I found a caramel spread and the kids absolutely love it, I know it contains no nuts but am unsure if it contains any animal products.

    • Yes, I am subbing PB & N right now, but that is more because of the sugar content (and Nutella has milk products in it).

      As for caramel spread, something tells me there is sugar in there!

      I am telling you – Nuts to your Nut Butter is the way to go! No added anything! So awesome!

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