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The Work Meeting

October 14, 2010

A quick upate, as I eat lunch at a work function.

Part of the beauty of working in an office enviroment is the meetings. Well, not really, some are great, some not so much. However, part of that is that you get fed! Not, how does one eat vegan, and still come to these meetings?

For this week, I had decided that I was going to try to follow the food thing (FOOD CRITERIA LIST), plus add in the food I can eat if I was not trying the Vegan thing. Meaning chicken, turkey, and beef are okay (beef, not every day).

Breakfast: I had a bowl of spelt flakes with almond milk before I left. When I got to the meeting hotel, they had a spread for breakfast. I had a glass of apple juice, and some cantaloupe. So far so good.

Mid-morning break – out come the Halloween Candy! Chips and candy and chocolate. I had nothing.

For lunch, there was pork, chicken, pasta, etc. I had a spinach salad with some veggies. The stupid part, my body rejected the lunch, so I got sick all afternoon! I should have had all that candy instead!!!

For dinner, we went to the keg. I had a green salad to start (no dressing). Then for dinner, I of course had the filet mignon. I peeled and left the bacon (that pained me…believe me on this), but completely enjoyed the medium rare cut. With veggies on the side. Topped off with a glass of Red Zinfidel (awesome, by the way).

Then for the rest of the evening, had a couple of beers. So overall, not great, but not bad…

Today, I had the cantoloupe this morning again, and a bean salad and veggies for lunch. Hopefully I won’t get sick again! Then I have a big salad packed for dinner tonight, to eat before/during Scouts.

Not bad at all. Doable, but I will need to be careful. I asked about the veggies, and there is no butter on them. I will need to remember about this for future, just in case…

There is the update!

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  1. Susan permalink

    Hey! Are you noticing any health changes in your new diet? How do you feel? 🙂

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