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Fresh Restaurant – Review

October 2, 2010

A quick update. Haven’t had much to update lately, as it is boring to read and write about just making food at home, and then having ate it, and being good. Plus, I keep forgetting to bring my camera. However, I did get to try out Fresh.

On Tuesday last, I went to Fresh for dinner. For those who don’t know, it is a vegetarian restaurant. 3 locations in Toronto. I went to the one on Queen West (close to Trinity Bellwoods Park).

Fresh is an interesting place. Cafe style dining. They have a juice bar, and espresso bar on site, which is pretty cool.

To start, I had Quinoa battered Onion Rings. Oh me Oh my! Wow, is all I can say. Wow.

A confession: when I was a kid, I hated potatoes. Still do actually. It is a vegetable that I can totally leave, and not miss at all. Over the years, I have got better, and will eat them when I have to. Things like scallop potatoes, mash, or fries have grown on me to the point that I will eat them. I have no use for potato salad, and personally think a baked potato is truly vile. Potato based soups – the smell makes me gag. So, needless to say, people hated inviting me to birthday parties, because kids love McDonalds, and when one kid doesn’t eat fries, it becomes a problem. Based on that, I tended to go to the parties that went to Burger King (or you just ate at home), because there, I could get Onion Rings. I love Onion Rings. Of course, there are way better than BK, but still. They are a guilty treat, and a great reason to eat at Harveys when I wanted a burger.

With this adventure, obviously breaded Onion Rings are out, as I cannot eat wheat (see the FOOD CRITERIA). However, Quinoa Onion Rings? Are you kidding me? For those who have never had Quinoa, it is a grain, and reminds me of cous cous. Basically, it tastes like nothing, but if you cook with it, it absorbs all the flavour of whatever you are cooking. So if you add it to stir fry, it absorbs all the spices and tastes amazing. Use it to make Onion Rings? What could be better than oil and onions? So good…

Then for my main course, I went with their Black Bean Burrito Wrap. It is beans with a whole whack of vegetables, served in a wrap. If you want cheese, you can add it (I of course didn’t). You can also add tofu, or a bunch of other things (which I didn’t). The best part – if you don’t want the bread, they will serve it on lettuce! So it then becomes a monster salad thing. Ever go to Wendy’s and get one of their monster salads? I know they have an amazing BLT salad. Anyway, Fresh takes the same concept, but way healthier!

I cannot wait to go back, and highly recommend this to anyone living in, or visiting Toronto!

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  1. Jennifer Houston permalink

    Frank, I’m so sorry to tell you, but our Quinoa Onion Rings are not gluten or wheat free. I would like to send you a list of all our menu items that are gluten free if you send me your email address at
    Jennifer (head chef-Fresh restaurants)

    • First – thank you for checking out the blog. It is going to be a fun 15 months, and I hope you will check it out again!

      Second – thank you for being honest. When I was writing, I did some research online to see how to make Quinoa Onion Rings, and the majority of recipes I found used Quinoa Flour, water, and oil as their base, and different spices. So naturally I assumed that it would meed the criteria.

      In any event, now I know. And I still recommend them!

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