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Parties, and Costco, and Whole Foods – OH MY!

September 4, 2010

Part 2

So this morning started with a bowl of granola, and the end of the skim milk. Goodbye my old friend milk, you will be missed. What I won’t miss is making sure it is lactose free, or all those damn pills. But I will miss a big ol’ glass of milk with cookies, or even in a bowl of cereal. There was a time where I literally lived on cereal (college – where else?). Over the years, I have been eating healthier cereal, so it was only a matter of time. Goodbye my friend.

Then, picked up a rental car and did some errands. Finally, off to Costco. Ah Costco, my glorious friend. I have been a member at Costco for about 10 years now. Like all good shoppers, I have gone in just to get some hamburger buns for a party, and came out spending 500+ dollars on everything! My typical shopping experience goes like this: start on the housewares side, look at cleaners and things of that nature. Get some laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, etc. Then get to the food.

Get some bread, and probably some dessert. Hmm, none of these meet my criteria. Yes, some of them might, but see the Food Criteria tab.

Then I would go along, get some ribs, a salmon or two, 25 chicken breasts, 10 lbs of ground, beef, some cheese, and see what I have never tried. Yeah, none of that happened today, except some fish, for a recipe for this week. It is not January yet 🙂

Through the frozen aisles, to get some barbecue stuff. Also to look at what is new and exciting. Today, not much. There is some vegetarian varieties of things, but they either have rice (see Criteria tab), or cheese (not vegan), or both. Then down the aisles, through the packaged food, where I used to get apple sauce and pudding cups (apple is okay, pudding is not). I did get some olives, artichokes, and pickles. Finally, I end in the junk food aisle – which is now the nuts aisles. Lots of yummy nutes. Oh, and of course there is the electronics and other fun shopping, that have nothing to do with food.

So on this shop, I got lots of nuts (and lots of varieties), along with some other goodies like Quinoa, which is very delicious stuff, and makes me not miss rice at all! But overall, I was expecting more bulk-vegetarian options, which simply did not exist, unless I wanted to just buy some fresh vegetables. Oh well. Onto part 3 of the adventure – Whole Foods, plus my normal grocery store!

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